Where We Are & What We're Doing

Sunday June 6: 
Meet at Redeemer at 10:15 to depart for Cedar Rapids for 1:45 flight.

Monday June 7: 
Arrival in Dar es Salaam on the KLM night flight with a stay at the Kurasini Catholic guest house.

Tuesday June 8:
Arrival before noon at the Lutheran Junior Seminary in Morogoro with a visit to the Mgolole Orphanage and meeting with Bishop Mameo of the Morogoro Diocese together with Dr. George Fihavango , Director of the Lutheran Junior Seminar at an evening meal.

Wednesday June 9: 
Working with the builders on the roofing and flooring of the church of Misela.

Thursday June 10:
Work day 2

Friday June 11: 
Worshiping with the Mtakuja (Sokoine) preaching place.

Saturday June 12:
Visiting Kiegea school and well and worshiping with the congregation.

Sunday June 13:
Worship at the Kanseli preaching place

Monday June 14:  
Work day at the Parakuyo congregation (painting).

Tuesday June 15: 
Worship at the Parakuyo Mgudeni preaching place (of the Wami Vijana congregation).

Wednesday June 16: 
Visiting the Mikumi National Park.

Thursday June 17: 
Mikumi National Park

Friday June 18: 
Worship at the Matuli preaching place (of the Lulenge congregation).

Saturday June 19: 
Visit to the cattle market and the youth prison (Wami Vijana).

Sunday June 20: 
Worship at the Lubaya preaching place (of the Lulenge congregation) and participating in a fundraiser.

Monday June 21:
Departure for Dar es Salaam and night KLM flight.

Tuesday June 22: 
Arrive Cedar Rapids at 4:47pm.