Thursday, June 17, 2010

Things I Know To Be True

We have returned from the wild. Despite my greatest attempts, I was unable to call the lions. I tried. I really really did. But I was not successful. I was however able to connect with both my inner monkey and elephant and work my magic that way. So I haven't completely lost it.

Here's what I know to be true:
1. We arrived at Mikumi around 3:00. It was the first time in nearly two weeks that our time frame operated on something other than African Time. It was a strange sensation.

2. The rooms that we stayed in were awesome. They have thatched roofs, patios that look out to the watering hole, and mosquito nets that look like princess canopies. They obviously knew The Lion Queen was coming.

3. Giraffes are both the most awkward and majestic creatures. They have gangly legs but move with such grace. We saw many of them. They were quite the posers. This morning we saw a unique grouping of them. They were all different shades. They were described as: Albino, Masaai, and Indian. This of course was coming from The Haff- no real surprise there.

4. Elephants are fun. I couldn't resist the urge to yell, "show me your tusks!" when they had their bums to me. Surprisingly this actually worked a few times. Take that picture and frame it, folks!

5. To clean up the brush, the park staff sets controlled fires several times a year. Apparently we just happened to come at the right time. Or the wrong time. Because this caused many of the animals to retreat to different parts of the park. Hence our "no-go" with Simba. Apparently they didn't get the memo we would be there this week.

6. God's creation leaves me in awe. The sun. The clouds. The green land. The friendly and not so friendly animals. What an inventive and clever fella that God is. Good work. Good, good work my friend.

7. We're a split group with it comes to deciding whether zebras are black with white stripes or white with black stripes. There will be a wrestling match later between Pastor Jim and Chris Davis to decide the outcome. Stay tuned for more details. Ninakutania! (I'm just kidding)

8. Baboons are mean and have weird rear ends. They look at you with beady eyes and I really just don't appreciate it. Their only redeeming quality is that their babies are cute. Other than that, we're not exactly friends.

9. Warthogs have to be without a doubt the ugliest creatures. The Haff described them as the only creature that was put together by committee. All your church committee members out there- I'll let you laugh about that one!

10. We saw snakes and crocodiles. They were in closed containers though. Thanks be to God. Apparently this group finds it extremely entertaining to hear me scream. I would have to disagree... So here I am- minding my own business- trying to get an Egyptian Cobra to attack the glass panel by waving my foot in front of it (I saw an African do it first. I thought while on a Safari 'monkey see, monkey do' would be okay...) when all of a sudden Kelsie Durscher yells out to me, "Em! Come here! Hurry up! This is so neat. You have to see it!" Being the curious young doe that I am, I quickly made my way over to where they were all standing, looking at something quite intently. As I stepped up onto the ledge of what I soon learned to be the Crocodile Pit, the man in charge stuck a huge stick in the Crocs mouth and made him growl and snap shut. My friendly group had plotted against me. Big jerks. I screamed like I have never done before. The people on the bus in the parking lot even heard me. Thanks a lot, friends!

11. The missing luggage finally came TODAY. Today this is but one of the reasons I know there is a God.

12. Pastor Jim, who is now lovingly referred to as: Jicky Carp, had YELLOW hair today. It was from a nice combination of white hair and redish dirt that was kicked up as we drove around the park. We're glad he showered. I think he is, too.

13. We miss our families. Even the kids that have made good on their threats not to e-mail their parents while they are here- have made comments. Know that you all are being prayed for daily and are loved greatly.

14. I'm going to go play Cardi Moja. Otherwise known as Uno. Isn't Africa, fun?!

(It took an hour and a half to upload one picture on the last post. I'll try to get some Safari pictures up tomorrow. The internet works on African time too, apparently!)


  1. Cardi moja! I miss Aaron Schutte freaking out about cardi moja!

  2. sounds like you all are making memories that will last a lifetime.

    Kelly J