Friday, June 11, 2010

Friday Top Ten

Here's a Top Ten list from today. Because I am ridiculously tired, my internet is spotty, and my battery is going dead. But mostly because I just REALLY like making lists.

1. We went to another village today. The drive was exciting. We ran over several trees in the process. Sorry about that Mother Earth.

2. Brent Wightman didn't go with us. He went with another missionary to work on water wells. He introduced the Masaai children to Germ-X. Their lives will never be the same. Until the bottle runs out anyway.

3. There were a lot of men at service today. Several of our ladies are now betrothed. Sorry about that parents. Apparently your daughters won't be coming home next week...

4. There was an actual church building where we were today. It was amazing to see a completed building and the love, patience, and effort that goes into creating a center for worship.

5. Daniel Meyers choked on a piece of goat today. And by choked I mean that he choked, coughed it up, caught it in his hand as it came flying out of his mouth, and then tried to eat it again. He was most upset not about his lack of air, but that he would be missing out on a quality piece of meat. With all the cameras around, you would think we could have have captured this moment. I am sad to report this was not the case.

6. Dave Wylam and I bought chickens in the church auction. I'm beginning to think that worship is not complete without them. Maybe this is something we should consider when talking about ways to improve Redeemer attendance...

7. We, "Wazungu," burn in the sun. Several of us learned this the hard way.

8. A Lutheran Masaai church is very much like a Midwestern Lutheran church. There are women who "own and operate" the kitchen. If you are not one of them (and you'll know if you are) stay out. Even if your kitchen is an open fire under a shaded tree.

9. Pastor Jim is really punny. Upon Brent's return from working with the water wells, Jim calls out as he makes a Super Man arm pose, "I hope everything went well!" Pretty sure I couldn't breathe for a few minutes after that one. I'm sure Kathy is missing him terribly.

10. As a group we have much to say. But when it comes to being able to fully express the awesomeness of this experience, words seem to escape us. We are humbled daily and left in wonder about the grandeur of God. It's a very powerful thing to see Christ at work in places you'd never even be able to find on a map. GPS doesn't have anything on The Haff.


  1. And what did you do with your chickens? Did they accompany you back to your home base and become part of the family or part of lunch?
    It is fun to keep track of this amazing experience. What a great thing you are doing!

  2. What fun you are all having! I can't wait to see more pictures. Pretty sure Teal is one who got burnt:) I have called the Waverly paper about the blog...they were real interested and said they would do something with it in the paper. Can't wait to see your pictures. Miss you guys!!!


  3. Great idea, Karen...I was going to send some of these picts to the newspaper as well. Thanks for that.
    Love the blog, Emily. Look forward to it daily!
    *Emily--did you get the message about buying a necklace? Carol Young wanted to know if someone would get her a necklace from the Masaai for her class, I believe. Thought I'd try to get you that message. Not sure if you'd gotten it yet.