Thursday, May 27, 2010

Speaking the Swahili

Here are some of the Swahili words that we will be using while we are in Tanzania!

Interestingly enough- those there is a definite language barrier there, it is very easy to communicate with people. Using body language, context, and surroundings are a very powerful thing!

Enjoy and get practicing!

Hello = Jambo / hujambo / Salama
How are you? = Habari gani
Fine (response) = Nzuri
Goodbye = Kwa heri / Kwa herini (more than one peson)
See You Later = Tutaonana
Nice to meet you = Nafurahi kukuona
Goodnight = Lala salama
God Bless You = Bwana Asifiwe

Yes = Ndiyo
No = Hapana
Thank you = Asante
Thank you very much = Asante sana
Please = Tafadhali
Welcome = Karibu
OK = Sawa
Excuse me = Samahani
You’re Welcome = Starehe
Can you help me? = Tafadhali, naomba msaada
What is your name? = Jina lako nani?
My name is = Jina langu ni ...
Where are you from? = Unatoka wapi?
I’m from .. = Natokea ...
May I take a picture? = Naomba kupiga picha
Do you speak English? = Unasema kiingereza?
Do you speak Swahili? = Unasema Kiswahili?
Just a little bit = Kidogo tu!
How do you say in Swahili? = Unasemaje ... kwa Kiswahili
I don’t understand = Sielewi
Friend = Rafiki/Ndugu

Getting Around
Where is the ... = ni wapi ...
Airport = uwanja wa ndege
Bus station = stesheni ya basi
Bus stop = bas stendi
Taxi stand = stendi ya teksi
Train Station = stesheni ya treni
Bank = benki
Market = soko
Police station = kituo cha polisi
Post Office = posta
Tourist Office = ofisi ya watali
Toilet/bathroom = choo
What time is the ... leaving? = inaondoka saa ... ngapi?
Bus = basi
Minibus = matatu (Kenya); dalla dalla (Tanzania)
Plane = ndege
Train = treni/gari la moshi
Is there a bus going to ...? = Kuna basi ya ...?
I’d like to buy a ticket = Nataka kununua tikiti
Is it near = Ni karibu?
Is it far = Ni mbali
There = huko
Over there = pale
Ticket = tikiti
Where are you going? = Unakwenda wapi?
How much is the fare? = Nauli ni kiasi gani?
Hotel = hoteli
Room = chumba
Reservation = akiba
Are there any vacancies for tonight? = Mna nafasi leo usiko? (Kenya: Iko nafasi leo usiku?)
No vacancies = Hamna nafasi. (Kenya: Hakuna nafasi)
How much is it per night? = ni bei gani kwa usiku?
Mosquito net = chandalua

Days and Numbers
Today = leo
Tomorrow = kesho
Yesterday = jana
Now = sasa
Later = baadaye
Every day = kila siku
Monday = Jumatatu
Tuesday = Jumanne
Wednesday = Jumatano
Thursday = Alhamisi
Friday = Ijumaa
Saturday = Jumamosi
Sunday = Jumapili
1 = moja
2 = mbili
3 = tatu
4 = nne
5 = tano
6 = sita
7 = saba
8 = nane
9 = tisa
10 = kumi
11 = kumi na moja (ten and one)
12 = kumi na mbili (ten and two)
20 = ishirini
21 = ishirni na moja (twenty and one)
30 = thelathini
40 = arobaini
50 = hamsini
60 = sitini
70 = sabini
80 = themanini
90 = tisini
100 = mia
200 = mia mbili
1000 = elfu
100,000 = laki

Food and Drinks
I’d like = nataka ...
Food = chakula
Hot/cold = ya moto/baridi
Water = maji
Hot water = maji ya moto
Drinking water = maji ya kunywa
Soda (soft drinks) = soda
Beer = bia
Milk = maziwa
Meat = nyama
Chicken = nyama kuku
Fish = sumaki
Beef = nyama ng’ombe
Fruit = matunda
Vegetables = mboga

Where can I find a ... = Naweza kupata ... wapi?
Doctor = daktari/mganga
Hospital = hospitali
Medical Center = matibabu
I’m sick = mimi ni mgonjwa
I need a doctor = nataka kuona daktari
It hurts here = naumwa hapa
Fever = homa
Malaria = melaria
Headache = umwa kichwa
Diarrhoea = harisha/endesha
Vomiting = tapika
Medicine = dawa

Animal = wanyama
Buffalo = Nyati / Mbogo
Cheetah = Duma / Chita
Cow = N’gombe
Elephant = Tembo / Ndovuh
Giraffe = Twiga
Goat = Mbuzi
Hippo = Kiboko
Hyena = Fisi
Leopard = Chui
Lion = Simba
Rhino = Kifaru
Warthog = Ngiri
Wildebeest = Nyumbu
Zebra = Punda milia

Monday, May 24, 2010

T minus 2

Here we are- less than two weeks from departure!
Thank you to everyone who has supported this this mission project.
Lives are being changed, friends!

Please read this letter sent to our members in June's Parish Visitor and continue to check into this blog as we prepare for our departure. Also please notice the pages at the top of this blog. There you will find our complete schedule, list or participants, and different places we will be going while in Tanzania!

Bwana Asifewe, Ndugu!
(God Bless, Friends)

"To our Redeemer members,
Thank you so much for the support you have shown throughout our fundraising process for our trip to Tanzania. We are so blessed to have a congregation that has the ability to see outside of our walls and minister to the faith community at large. This project has been a large undertaking and would not have been possible without the strong support of our members. For the 13 people going on the trip; their lives will be changed, their relationships strengthened, and their faith affirmed. Thank you for that gift. For the Masaai congregation that will now have a church building; their understanding of community will grow and they will understand that Christ's love reaches far past their own villages and country. Words will never be able to express our deepest gratitude for your financial support, but more importantly for your prayers of this mission. Thank you.
We are very lucky to have an excellent group going to Tanzania. Included in our mix are 7 youth and 6 adults. Of the 13 people going, 3 are families. What an experience these parents will have with their children. It will no doubt be something they can hold onto and use to grow together. Please pray for all going and be sure to ask them about their experience when they return. They will have much to share!

If you would like to follow along with the trip, you can do so by going to Once we arrive in Tanzania, we will try to update this with pictures, stories, and thoughts about this experience! Posted on this blog, you will also find our complete schedule so you will be able to know what we are up to each day and be able to pray along with us as we embark on each journey!

Thank you again!
In Christ's ever-extending love,
Emily Harkins"