Monday, June 14, 2010

I'm Happy To Report That We're Alive

Habari Gani!

I am happy to report that we are in fact alive. We have just been without internet for several days. On Saturday there was a power surge that took out the wireless internet. Today someone came and was able to get the one and only desktop computer working but sadly, the wireless is still a "no-go." Because of this, I will have to keep it short and sweet, as there is a line of anxious teenagers waiting behind me. Apparently being disconnected from your friends when you're 16 is a hard thing? Who knew!

The last few days have been great. Very eye opening experiences. We spent Saturday, Sunday, and today at different villages worshiping. All of these services have been no less than 2 hours. Yesterday's service was nearly 4 from when the choirs started to the end of the auction. I am happy to report that Pastor Jim has been affirmed several times about the length of our services and promises have been made to never complain again! Hallelujah!

On Saturday we almost had Teal married off. I belive if the Masaai man would have thrown in another 20 goats, we could have really made a deal. However, we just couldn't make it happen. But boy was it tempting! The village we were at on Saturday was a unique place. Along with a church building, there was a school. It was amazing to see what a school building looks like here. No longer will our kids complain about the lack of air conditioning as WSR. There weren't even desks at the place and nearly 70 kids shove into the classroom each and every day!

On Sunday we worshiped under the trees. This service was unlike anything I have ever seen. Honestly there was nearly 300 Masaai men, women, and children at the service and 5 different choirs (including the Obama Choir... if you really want to call us a choir). If you were to count the goats, chickes, and cows in the attendance numbers, I'd say we were close to 500. The Haff thought it would be a good idea for us to sit toward the back of the service as to be less of a distraction. This was probably a good idea as just about every time the goat would make a noise, I would laugh. And then don't even get me started on when the cows came. Tears were rolling down my face. Pastor Jim once commented abuot worship being a zoo- and boy almighty- this was it!

At this village we also go to tour the Masaai homes. Wow. What an eye opener. A house smaller than the size of our youth room hosts anywhere from 7-10 people on average. Kelsie Durscher and I were invited to sit on the bed with one of the Masaai women. It was made of straw. A huge difference from our pillowtop matresses back home!

Today was a beautiful day. It was very relaxed and peaceful. The church we went to was set in a very serene location. If I had a picture available, I would post it. But sadly, I'm lucky just to have internet at this point! So hopefully that will come soon. The children at the village were amazing. The Haff informed us that they have had guests before when their church building was built. So we were not the first "wazungu" they had seen. They were very eager to play with us and get close to us. At other villages, it seems to take a little bit for the children to warm up to us. But here, there was as instant connection. God is so good.

There are many stories to share, and I hope that the internet will be up again soon so I can post some of the stories I have complined on my computer. But until then- this update will have to do!

I do want to say though- that above anything that has happened here, the most amazing thing has been the change in our youth. Their eyes have been opened. They are experiencing what it means to actually live their faith. The have come to appreciate the things that they have. And through all of our adventures so far, they have been very present. I'm learning that this is a lot to ask from 16ish year olds. I have very impressed. I am so blessed to be surrounded with such amazing people. Praise Jesus.

And Happy Birthday to Miss Teal Erhardt. She's 16 today. They slaughtered a goat in her honor. I did get pictures of that. It's slightly disgusting. But Happy Birthday Teal!

Hopefully the internet will be here tomorrow and I'll have more to say.
Until then- I love you.
I do.


  1. are under no allow my daughter to be "married off!" I don't care if she is 16 way...not without me present...and even then...NO WAY:):):) Glad to finally hear from you. Tell Dave Wylam that he's really started something here...we have another "get together" tomorrow night...Hope to hear from you again soon!


  2. Not so fast, Karen.....have you ever planned and paid for a wedding? I'd think about it, seriously. I mean, he was Lutheran, wasn't he??? ;-) HAPPY BIRTHDAY TEAL!!
    PS---Daniel, are you still alive? Are you using your precious computer time to communicate with someone more important than your parental units?

  3. Happy Birthday Teal. Quite the way to spend your 16th birthday!

    Chris, I assume you are still alive and well and refusing to communicate with Mom for 2 weeks as you threatened. Cheryl Davis Sauerbrei