Monday, June 7, 2010

Hello From Tanzania!

As I am writing this, it is 11:58 in the evening and we have just arrived at the Catholic Guest House in Dar es Salaam. Our flights were long, but good and we've only managed to misplace one kid and a few pieces of luggage. Actually, we really only can't find the luggage. It should be joining us in the next few days though. :)

Pastor Hafermann and his right hand man, Luka met us at the airport and we got all loaded in a bus/van/truck thing and have been safely delivered here. We will meet for breakfast at 7:00 and then begin our journey to the seminary in Morogoro after that. We expect to be there by around noon.

So far I think everyone is pretty much in awe. The smells are so intoxicating here. The air literally smells different. When we came in, the temperature was around 75 and it was slightly humid. That will change tomorrow as we head more inland. But for now the group is sticky, smelly, and a lot bit tired.

God sure is good. It's almost hard to believe we're actually here!
Till tomorrow,

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